BANG 35 was a Bay Area Night Game.

Thanks to everyone that came out and played! The final standings can be seen here: results for June 25 and results for July 9. (Note that because of mostly-minor changes made between the two runs, scores between dates aren't strictly comparable. One major difference was that puzzle 7 had its points changed from 65 to 35, resulting in the maximum earnable points for that puzzle changing from 130 to 70.)

A huge thanks to all of the people who donated their time and brains to help out and make the game better:

PlaytestersDeborah Boskin
 Herman Chau
 Lu Chen
 Allen Cohn
 Mike Develin
 Dan Getelman
 Jeremy Hoffman
 Eric Mayefsky
 Ryan Menezes
 Kekoa Proudfoot
 Erik Stuart
 Cynthia Wong
 Moor Xu
Volunteer staffersCathy Anderson
 Craig Anderson
 Quince Anderson
 Kiki Bragg
 Rich Bragg
 Allen Cohn
 Michael Constant
 Casey Holman
 Linda Holman
 Larry Hosken
 Ying Huang
 Karen Kaufman
 Deanna Rubin
 Erik Stuart

The hexominoes were provided by Kadon Enterprises,, who has been making hexominoes since 1984. Because of the volume, they did a generously special run and sold it to us at near cost, so we do not have any spare sets and are unable to pass on any savings on additional sets. If you would like a nice set of hexominoes for yourself, consider getting their Sextillions product. It comes with a tray, game grid, and accompanying book with games and puzzles. (Note that it's based on a 1/2" size square, which is smaller than the 3/4" square hexominoes we used in the game.)

Puzzles and solutions

1. The Creepy Orphanage

2. The Administrator's Office

3. The Corrupt Casino

4. The Downtown Meeting

5. The Underground Lab

6. The Third Degree

7. The Radio Towers

8. The Final Incantation

brought to you by the burninators:

Corin Anderson  •  Dan Egnor  •  Trisha Huang  •  Wei-Hwa Huang  •  Melinda Owens  •  Ian Tullis  •  Doug Zongker

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